California entrepreneur financing a ballot question to replace bilingual education with English immersion in Massachusetts lent his campaign $95,000 of his own money, campaign-finance reports filed yesterday stated.

English for the Children of Massachusetts, the committee backing Question 2, raised about $160,000 between Jan. 1 and Sept. 1, according to reports filed with the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance. Most was from Unz himself. Another $40,000 came from Raymond S. Stata, co-founder and chairman of the board of Analog Devices Inc. in Norwood.

Expenses were for salaries of the campaign’s leaders, consulting, polling, and signature-gathering, the reports showed. About $1,100 remains in the campaign’s account, but Unz said yesterday that he expects more to be raised as the November election draws closer.

The campaign opposing Question 2, the Committee for Fairness to Children and Teachers, did not file its report by yesterday’s deadline, said Denis Kennedy, a spokesman for the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

Kennedy said campaigns are charged $10 for every day that they are late with their reports.

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