Bilingual Education In California

Clinton administration weighs in on issue


ANTONIO MORA, Host: Californians go to the polls in June to vote on a measure that would dismantle the state’s bilingual education program. The Clinton administration is weighing in on the issue, and ABC’s Ann Compton has that from the White House. Good morning, Ann.

ANN COMPTON, ABC News: Good morning, Antonio. Once again, President Clinton appears to be coming down on the middle of an issue. President Clinton is prepared to oppose Proposition 227 in California, which would limit bilingual
education to one year of very intensive training. This morning, the White House staff says the White House — the President considers that too rigid. He would support a limit of three years of bilingual education.

Now, that puts President Clinton at odds not only with Hispanic leaders, who believe very strongly in bilingual education, but what would appear to be a majority of Californians, who say the system just simply isn’t working. What no one seems to approve of or side with is the status quo, where very often millions of dollars are spent that keep kids in bilingual education classes for years and still never produce fluency. Antonio?

ANTONIO MORA: Now, Ann, this is just one of the issues that the President is looking at today concerning minorities.

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