SAN DIEGO—Bilingual education courses are costly, hurt students, promote racial separation and are un-American, the San Diego County Grand Jury has ruled in urging the county to eliminate such programs.

In its criticizm, the grand jurors said Tuesday such public school courses ”reject the melting pot concept which has been the basis of our country’s success over the past 200 years.”

The ”County Grand Jury Interim Report on Bilingual Education,” delivered to Superior Court Judge William Low, also concluded courses taught in both Spanish and English ”promote a type of cultural apartheid in that they encourage a dual society.”

The recommendations, which are not binding on county officials, found ”bilingual education does a disservice to the student and benefits only certain minority and political interests.”

The jurors recommended the county superintendent of schools seek legislation eliminating bilingual requirements at all government levels and urged the county board of supervisors to support a constitutional amendment to establish English as the official language of the United States.

The interim report claimed bilingual education dilutes and delays other school programs, reduces the time and funds available for more traditional subjects, and is ”impractical, expensive and in a sense un-American.”

It said public funds spent to promote and encourage ethnic institutions also ”delay the assimilation of young students into the American mainstream.”

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