Three Grants Support Study Of English As A Second Language

HILLSBORO—Three Hillsboro schools will receive $9,000 grants to improve academic experiences for students who are learning English as their second language.

Reedville Elementary, Poynter Middle School and Century High School each will receive $9,000 during three years from Lewis & Clark College Graduate School of Education , said Steve Callaway, a Hillsboro spokesman.

The schools will use the grants to establish task forces charged with identifying ways to improve the academic and social experience of students who speak English as a second language. Lewis & Clark also is offering scholarships of books and tuition for teachers seeking bilingual training at the college.

The scholarships and mini-grants are paid for by a $656,621 U.S. Department of Education program housed at Lewis & Clark called Project Task, or Tools for Academic Skills and Knowledge. Fifteen schools from Beaverton, Gresham-Barlow, Hillsboro, Portland and West Linn-Wilsonville school districts will take part in the program.

The project is intended to increase the number of mainstream teachers with bilingual skills, help minority parents become more involved with their children’s school and develop plans to make second language programs more effective.

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