Trustees of the La Habra City School District this week voiced opposition to Proposition 227, passing a resolution against the June ballot measure seeking to end bilingual education statewide.

School board members denounced the initiative, saying parents should have the right to decide whether their children should be enrolled in bilingual classes. Said Board President Nancy S. Zinberg: “One size doesn’t fit all. In our district, we have been very successful in speeding up the student transition from bilingual education to literate English. We not only teach them to speak English but to be able to read and think in English. . . .
And we don’t forsake things like social studies and math. The children keep up with their grade level.”

The school board also passed a resolution opposing Proposition 223, another June 2 ballot measure. The so-called 95-5 initiative attempts to cap overhead–including general administration and supervision of instruction and resources–at 5% of each school district’s budget.

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