Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron Unz, who owns a computer software firm, continued his trash-talking of Gov. Wilson during a day of campaigning in Fresno.

Unz said Thursday that Wilson doesn’t know how to lead, can’t think clearly, has no philosophical principles and believes in big government as much as any ‘social welfare Democrat.’

Unz decided to challenge Wilson for the GOP nomination earlier this month and is putting as much as $ 1 million of his own money into the campaign. He has picked up the endorsement of some conservative groups such as the California Republican Assembly.

His campaign advertisements attacking Wilson for betraying conservative principles have been running locally.

During a news conference in Fresno, Unz said he is particularly concerned about public education in the state. He has been repeating that message in campaign stops around California.

‘Just 20 years ago, California had some of the finest public school systems in the nation,’ he said. ‘I know. I grew up in Los Angeles and received my education in the public schools there, back when they still provided an outstanding education to all of our children.’

But the schools have changed, he said. The problems include a trend toward increasing the number of school administrators, which takes money away from the classroom and puts it into the school bureaucracy.

Unz also complained that the schools no longer concentrate on basic education.

‘We must also cut some programs which are actively harmful,’ Unz said in a written statement. ‘The poisonous brew of bilingual education, multiculturalism and other ethnic-separatism policies today threatens to destroy the tradition of American assimilation.’

Unz said he would work to eliminate those programs from public schools.

‘We include many ethnic groups here in America, but one culture, American culture, and many languages for the home, but one language for our society, English,’ he said.

Unz said he has an uphill battle to wrest the GOP nomination from Wilson. But he said that can be done because of Wilson’s performance as governor.

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