SACRAMENTO—In a show of bipartisanship, Democratic Speaker of the Assembly Antonio R. Villaraigosa appointed Ron Unz to the Speaker’s Commission on State and Local Government Finance. The two met during the campaign for Proposition 227.

The commission is to meet this year to develop proposals for reforming California’s system of state and local government finance. Unz said one of the biggest problems he sees is that local governments do not control their own revenues, and rather, many decisions are made at the state level. “The taxes raised by local governments are not under their own control,” Unz said. “They can’t decide how to spend the money raised.”

Speaking about his appointment, Unz said he looked forward to working with Villaraigosa in a “bipartisan attempt to improve government finance for the benefit of all Californians.” He added, “Our state would be far better served if all controversial initiative campaigns ended on such a note of unity rather than divisiveness.”

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