California Media
Bilingual Students Post Gains in English
Los Angeles Times, Tuesday, October 17th, 1995 • 1,500 Words
O.C. Schools Ahead of the Learning Curve
Los Angeles Times (Orange County), Sunday, September 17th, 1995 • 1,800 Words
Reading, writing and Ripken by Rob Morse
San Francisco Examiner, Sunday, September 10th, 1995 • 1,000 Words
Dole Calls for Ending Most Bilingual Classes
Los Angeles Times, Tuesday, September 5th, 1995, FRONT PAGE • 1,400 Words
English Fluency Moves Up the Priority Ladder
Los Angeles Times, Monday, July 31st, 1995 • 1,700 Words
State Panel OKs Flexible Bilingual Education Policy
Los Angeles Times, Friday, July 14th, 1995 • 1,800 Words
Two More Reasons for Breaking Up L.A. School District by Douglas Lasken
Los Angeles Times, Sunday, June 18th, 1995 • 900 Words
Bilingual Education Rift Divides State Teachers Union
Los Angeles Times, Monday, June 5th, 1995 • 1,000 Words
Separate, Unequal and Yet Necessary?
Los Angeles Times, Thursday, June 1st, 1995, FRONT PAGE • 2,700 Words
Pressure Grows to Reform Bilingual Education in State
Los Angeles Times, Thursday, May 25th, 1995, FRONT PAGE • 2,300 Words
Bennett-Kew's English-Immersion Plan is Approved
Los Angeles Times, Thursday, May 11th, 1995 • 400 Words
Tuchman vs. bilingual education
Orange County Register, Thursday, May 4th, 1995 • 900 Words
Language Barrier Bilingual Education in Fresno Schools
Fresno Bee, Monday, March 20th, 1995, FRONT PAGE • 1,700 Words
Teaching English a frustrating lesson for district
Fresno Bee, Sunday, March 19th, 1995 • 2,100 Words
Beleagured Bilingual Educators Regroup
Los Angeles Times, Monday, February 6th, 1995 • 1,300 Words
Teachers Urged to be Defenders of Bilingualism
Los Angeles Times, Thursday, February 2nd, 1995 • 500 Words