California Media
Bilingual Babel by Douglas Lasken
Los Angeles Magazine, Sunday, December 1st, 1996 • 800 Words
Tongue-tied students
Orange County Register, Monday, October 7th, 1996 • 700 Words
A Hard Lesson in Bilingual Education
Los Angeles Times, Sunday, September 15th, 1996 • 1,300 Words
Little Wallets with Legs by Jill Stewart
New Times Los Angeles, Thursday, September 5th, 1996 • 1,700 Words
Plan for Bilingual Education Reform Advances
Los Angeles Times, Thursday, June 27th, 1996 • 600 Words
Survey: Bilingual-education standards not met
Orange County Registe, Sunday, May 26th, 1996, FRONT PAGE • 1,600 Words
District seeking language waiver
Orange County Register, Wednesday, May 15th, 1996 • 300 Words
Bilingual Bonus Plan Proposed
Los Angeles Times, Friday, May 10th, 1996 • 800 Words
Should Bilingual Education Be Scrapped? Yes by Lenin Lopez
Los Angeles Times, Sunday, May 5th, 1996 • 700 Words
English, Por Favor
Orange County Register, Thursday, April 11th, 1996 • 1,500 Words
Battle Heats Up Over Bilingual Education
Los Angeles Times, Monday, April 8th, 1996, FRONT PAGE • 2,800 Words
A Bilingual Program That Threatens to be Self-Defeating by Ruben Navarrette Jr.
Los Angeles Times, Sunday, March 3rd, 1996 • 700 Words
English Skills Limited
Modesto Bee, Tuesday, February 27th, 1996 • 700 Words
Lessons of a School Boycott
Los Angeles Times, Monday, February 26th, 1996 • 300 Words
Bridging Language Gap
Orange County Register, Sunday, February 25th, 1996 • 2,300 Words
Ingles, Por Favor
Wall Street Journal, Friday, February 23rd, 1996 • 600 Words
Bilingual Education: Teaching it Faster and Smarter
Los Angeles Times, Sunday, February 18th, 1996 • 1,000 Words
Boycotting Latino Parents Gather Letters Urging All-English Teaching
Los Angeles Times, Saturday, February 17th, 1996 • 200 Words
80 Students Stay Out of School in Latino Boycott
Los Angeles Times, Wednesday, February 14th, 1996 • 700 Words
Talking sense
Orange County Register, Tuesday, February 13th, 1996 • 500 Words
Parents, Students Protest Bilingual Education Program
City News Service, Tuesday, February 13th, 1996 • 400 Words
Latino Parents to Boycott School Bilingual Plan
Los Angeles Times, Tuesday, February 13th, 1996 • 700 Words
Judgment day for bilingual education
Orange County Register, Thursday, February 8th, 1996, FRONT PAGE • 1,300 Words