Orange County Media
  1. New Santa Ana trustee says it's time to go back to basics
    Orange County Register, Thursday, November 7th, 1991 • 600 Words
  2. Bilingual classes show benefit in both directions
    Orange County Register, Saturday, September 28th, 1991 • 500 Words
  3. Honig Says Debate is Over and Bilingual Education Here to Stay
    Los Angeles Times (Orange County), Saturday, February 2nd, 1991 • 600 Words
  4. Bilingual Education Advocates Cite Its Values
    Los Angeles Times (Orange County), Friday, February 1st, 1991 • 600 Words
  5. Bilingual-teacher shortage decried at convention
    Orange County Register, Thursday, January 31st, 1991 • 400 Words
  6. Paper Calls for Increase in Bilingual Teachers
    Los Angeles Times (Orange County), Thursday, January 31st, 1991 • 800 Words