Texas Media
Bilingual Education: Dallas should focus on teaching students English quickly
Dallas Morning News, Sunday, September 6th, 1998 • 400 Words
Bush: Gauge bilingualism by test results
Austin American-Statesman, Thursday, July 2nd, 1998, FRONT PAGE • 1,000 Words
Bush says bilingual education programs should not be abolished
Associated Press, Wednesday, July 1st, 1998 • 200 Words
Schools strive to make bilingual education work
Fort Worth Star Telegram, Monday, June 8th, 1998, FRONT PAGE • 2,000 Words
Bilingual ed vote challenged
San Antonio Express-News, Thursday, June 4th, 1998, FRONT PAGE • 1,200 Words
Texas educators defend bilingual ed
Fort Worth Star Telegram, Thursday, June 4th, 1998 • 1,500 Words
Bilingual vote fuels debate
Dallas Morning News, Thursday, June 4th, 1998, FRONT PAGE • 900 Words
Politics of language
Houston Chronicle, Monday, May 25th, 1998, FRONT PAGE • 2,200 Words
Bilingual debate has Texas Twang
Houston Chronicle, Sunday, May 24th, 1998, FRONT PAGE • 1,000 Words
Battle over bilingual ed
San Antonio Express-News, Sunday, May 17th, 1998, FRONT PAGE • 1,400 Words
DeLay Bill Would End Federal Support of Bilingual Education
Houston Chronicle, Wednesday, April 22nd, 1998 • 900 Words
Will California cut bilingual schooling?
Austin Statesman-American, Sunday, April 12th, 1998 • 1,500 Words
Bilingual education's future
Fort Worth Star Telegram, Sunday, March 22nd, 1998 • 1,000 Words
Educators discussing battle over California bilingual program
San Antonio Express-News, Friday, February 27th, 1998 • 800 Words
Bilingual Education Battle
Dallas Morning News, Tuesday, February 24th, 1998 • 1,800 Words
Schools exempting many students from taking TAAS test
Houston Chronicle, Sunday, February 22nd, 1998, FRONT PAGE • 1,600 Words
Change in bilingual education supported
Fort Worth Star Telegram, Wednesday, January 14th, 1998 • 800 Words