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The Proposition 227

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Oceanside Unified Denounced by CA Department of Education for Doubling Immigrant Test Scores, Defended by Prop. 227 Author Ron Unz


OCTOBER 3, 2000 (310) 737-1969

The California State Department of Education has just released a report denouncing Oceanside Unified for eliminating its Spanish-language "bilingual education" programs under Prop. 227.

Oceanside Unified’s unprecedented rise in immigrant student SAT-9 test scores recently became the focus of heavy national media coverage, including glowing stories in the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and the national television networks. In the two years since it replaced bilingual programs with sheltered English immersion, mean percentile test scores for Oceanside immigrant students have approximately doubled, with 2nd grade math scores rising from the 21st to the 47th percentile and comparable rises across all other grades and subject areas. Oceanside had previously become notorious among bilingual advocates for its strict interpretation of Prop. 227, and its immigrant test scores have apparently risen more rapidly than any of California’s other thousand-odd school districts.

The Department of Education report claims that Oceanside dismantled its bilingual education programs, and that this is a violation of Prop. 227, the 1998 ballot initiative that required California school districts to dismantle their bilingual education programs. The report appears to claim that Prop. 227 actually requires all school districts to provide immigrant children with Spanish-language so-called "bilingual education" classes.

According to Prop. 227 Author Ron Unz, the position of the California Department of Education is "an absolute outrage."

"California Superintendent Delaine Eastin and all of the pro-bilingual fanatics in her Department of Education were fervent opponents of Prop. 227, and the people of California crushed them at the polls in 1998. Now they’re claiming black is white and they want to punish Oceanside Superintendent Ken Noonan for obeying the law and doubling his students’ test scores as a result. Perhaps if Noonan had managed to triple his test scores, they would have tried to arrest him. Punishing a California district for its academic success shows everyone in America why our state’s test scores dropped to dead last in the country during the 1980s. This is the craziest thing since Stalinist Russia arrested its peasant farmers if they worked too hard."

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