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U.S. Tells Fairfax Bilingual Classes Are Not Required
Washington Post, Wednesday, December 31st, 1980, FRONT PAGE • 700 Words
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Bilingual Teaching Questioned
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Melting pot vs. total bilingual education by Roscow Drummond
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Dissent Rises Over Bilingual Education Approach
New York Times, Sunday, October 5th, 1980 • 600 Words
Senate Panel Blocks Bilingual Requirement
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Dispute Over Bilingual Education Ends Honeymoon for Education Department
Associated Press, Monday, September 1st, 1980 • 800 Words
Government Rules on Bilingual Education Could Cost $592 Million
Associated Press, Tuesday, August 26th, 1980 • 300 Words
The Feds and Bilingualism
Washington Post, Thursday, August 7th, 1980 • 500 Words
Basics in the Native Tongue
Washington Post, Wednesday, August 6th, 1980 • 900 Words
Government Suggests New Regulations for Bilingual Education
Associated Press, Tuesday, August 5th, 1980 • 700 Words
English Spoken Here
Washington Post, Tuesday, May 27th, 1980 • 800 Words