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Education: Ending Bilingual Schooling
New York Times, Tuesday, December 9th, 1986 • 800 Words
Prop. 63 Backers Aim At Bilingual Education
Los Angeles Times, Monday, November 24th, 1986 • 1,100 Words
English Yes, Xenophobia No
New York Times, Monday, November 10th, 1986 • 600 Words
Eliminate Bilingual State Forms, Assemblyman Says
Associated Press, Thursday, November 6th, 1986 • 500 Words
Many Supporters Also Favor Bilingual Education, Ballots
Los Angeles Times, Saturday, October 25th, 1986 • 1,200 Words
Prop. 63 Roots Traced To Small Michigan City
Los Angeles Times, Monday, October 20th, 1986 • 2,600 Words
Norman Cousins Drops His Support Of Prop. 63
Los Angeles Times, Thursday, October 16th, 1986 • 1,200 Words
English-Only Proposition Kindles Minorities' Fears
Los Angeles Times, Sunday, October 12th, 1986, FRONT PAGE • 3,400 Words
Initiative Seeks to Make English the Civil Tongue
Washington Post, Saturday, October 11th, 1986 • 1,300 Words
Governor Favors Bilingual Education---With Changes
Los Angeles Times, Sunday, October 5th, 1986 • 600 Words
Governor's Bilingual Bill Veto Draws Fire
Los Angeles Times, Saturday, October 4th, 1986 • 900 Words
Deukmejian Vetoes Bill On Bilingual Education
Los Angeles Times, Wednesday, October 1st, 1986, FRONT PAGE • 2,000 Words
Teaching in Two Tongues
PBS/National, Tuesday, August 26th, 1986 • 1,800 Words
Ramon Is Our Future, But What Is His? by Angie Papadakis
Los Angeles Times, Monday, August 25th, 1986 • 1,000 Words
Bilingual Tests Are Supported For The Regents
New York Times, Wednesday, August 20th, 1986 • 600 Words
Garvey Recruits 6 Teachers From Spain, Sight Unseen
Los Angeles Times, Sunday, August 17th, 1986 • 1,000 Words
English-Only Foes Get Some Legislative Help
Los Angeles Times, Friday, August 15th, 1986 • 900 Words
Bilingual Ed Under Fire
Bergen Record, Friday, July 18th, 1986 • 700 Words
Board Favors New Bilingual Teaching Plan
Los Angeles Times, Tuesday, July 1st, 1986 • 400 Words
Less English Urged In Bilingual Teaching
Los Angeles Times, Wednesday, June 18th, 1986 • 800 Words
Bilingual Education Battle Heats Up In The Legislature
Los Angeles Times, Wednesday, June 11th, 1986 • 1,300 Words
Opposing Views on Bilingual Education Aired at Senate Hearing
Associated Press, Thursday, June 5th, 1986 • 600 Words
Melting Pot Or Salad Bowl by Harold Evans
U.S. News & World Report, Monday, March 31st, 1986 • 800 Words
Some Schools Can't Translate Bilingual
Chicago Tribune, Monday, March 31st, 1986 • 2,300 Words
Alternatives Offered For Teaching English To Immigrant Children
Los Angeles Times, Monday, March 17th, 1986 • 2,000 Words
School Would Teach All Students Spanish, Then Phase In English
Los Angeles Times, Sunday, February 2nd, 1986 • 800 Words
Plan to Change Bilingual Aid Rekindles Debate
Washington Post, Saturday, January 25th, 1986 • 600 Words