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Bilingual Education: Immigrants Know Better by Lawrence A. Uzzell
Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, September 8th, 1987 • 900 Words
Saying No to Bilingual Education
New York Times, Saturday, August 29th, 1987 • 500 Words
English Only
PBS/National, Friday, August 14th, 1987 • 3,600 Words
Teachers' Union in Los Angeles Votes For Changes in Bilingual Instruction
Washington Post, Thursday, August 13th, 1987 • 1,100 Words
California Veto a Blow To Bilingual Education
Washington Post, Sunday, August 2nd, 1987 • 1,000 Words
Deukmejian Vetoes Bill To Revive Bilingual Program
Los Angeles Times, Saturday, July 25th, 1987 • 1,600 Words
Bilingual Education Bill OKd, Sent To Deukmejian
Los Angeles Times, Thursday, July 16th, 1987, FRONT PAGE • 900 Words
Since 'English-only' initiative passed, little has changed
Orange County Register, Sunday, July 12th, 1987 • 1,100 Words
Assembly Passes Measure To Extend Bilingual Classes
Los Angeles Times, Thursday, April 23rd, 1987 • 1,100 Words
Hispanic Lawmaker Says Education Official Should Be Fired
Associated Press, Wednesday, March 25th, 1987 • 600 Words
Bilingual Programs Are Under Attack
New York Times, Sunday, February 22nd, 1987 • 1,900 Words
Bilingual Backers Exhorted To Protest
Los Angeles Times, Saturday, January 31st, 1987 • 900 Words
Reagan Bill Asks Flexibility In Funds For Bilingual Education
New York Times, Friday, January 16th, 1987 • 700 Words
California Signals Retreat On Bilingual Education
Washington Post, Thursday, January 15th, 1987 • 1,000 Words
Sheltered English
Los Angeles Times, Tuesday, January 13th, 1987, FRONT PAGE • 3,200 Words