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  1. For All Its Gains, The Chicano Movement is Still Struggling by Antonio H. Rodriguez and Gloria J. Romero
    Los Angeles Times, Wednesday, December 27th, 1989 • 900 Words
  2. Special class helps kids learn language
    Orange County Register, Sunday, December 24th, 1989 • 1,100 Words
  3. Why Americans, New and Old, Need English by Shannon A. Horst
    Christian Science Monitor, Tuesday, December 12th, 1989 • 1,400 Words
  4. Hispanic Students Lost Out
    Modesto Bee, Sunday, December 10th, 1989 • 700 Words
  5. Schools Fail Latinos in Any Tongue by Rodolfo F. Acuna
    Los Angeles Times, Sunday, December 10th, 1989 • 900 Words
  6. Class Gets Employees on Speaking Terms
    Modesto Bee, Friday, December 8th, 1989 • 500 Words