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One Nation/One California

One Nation/One California is a non-profit 501(c)4 public-benefit California corporation oriented towards issues involving race, ethnicity, and public policy. It undertakes educational, cultural, and political activities in furtherance of the public policy goals of the organization. The policy positions of the organization on certain important social issues are as follows:

General Policy Positions on Important Social Issues:

  • Immigration. Support for America's traditional openness to immigrants and immigration, crucial historical factors in the growth and success of American society, and still important today for our nation's technological progress and the continual rejuvenation of our society and economy.

  • Assimilation. Support for the traditional process whereby newcomers to America and their children gradually and voluntarily assimilate into our common American culture, while contributing aspects of their own cultural background into that continually evolving common culture, and their personal lives into many of today's numerous ethnic intermarriages.

  • Ethnic Nationalism. Opposition to the recent growth of ethnic nationalism and separatism among significant portions of the American population, manifesting itself on the Right by a resurgent xenophobic nativism and on the Left by a bitter xenophobic tribalism, ideological movements which feed off each other and which both are deeply hostile to the successful American ideal of ethnic pluralism and social harmony.