California Attorney General announces filing of initiative

SACRAMENTO—Attorney General Dan Lungren has received a proposed ballot initiative for preparation of title and summary.

The proposed measure, entitled “English Language Education for Immigrant Children Initiative,” seeks to amend the Education Code by adding that all children in California public schools shall be taught English by receiving instruction in English. The measure also proposes that a sum of $50,000,000 per year be appropriated from the General Fund for the purpose of providing additional funding for free or subsidized programs of adult English language instruction to parents or other members of the community who pledge to provide personal English language tutoring to California school children with limited English proficiency.

The initiative’s proponents are Ron K. Unz of Palo Alto and Gloria Matta Tuchman of Santa Ana.

The Attorney General’s office will forward the official title and summary of the proposed initiative to the Secretary of State within 15 days after receiving fiscal analysis from the Department of Finance and the Joint Legislative Committee. The Secretary of State will notify the news media when the initiative has been cleared for circulation.

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