United States Rep. Jose F. Serrano, the Bronx Democrat, has expressed concerns over the recent vote in California to eliminate bilingual education and replace it with a one-year English immersion program for limited English proficient children.

Serrano argued that the program will force limited English proficient children into a “one size fits all” plan regardless of the student’s level of proficiency.

He said the “inflexible” English immersion program will also fail to address the educational needs of children from different age groups and with different academic abilities.

Bilingual education continues to be the best educational tool for limited English proficient children when the programs are properly implemented, said Serrano, who represents the 16th Congressional District in the Bronx, an area that is heavily bilingual.

“California’s experience with English-only instruction should remind voters that the new proposal would once again alienate immigrant children and leave them in a diminished position as they try to succeed in school,” Seranno emphasized.

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