English for the Children’s proposed amendment to the Colorado constitution is “almost identical” to California’s Proposition 227, but some parts of the Colorado version are “much stricter,” founder Ron Unz says.

The Colorado version requires non-English-speaking students to be tested to find out if immersion is working. Proposition 227 didn’t mention tests, but California saw the need for one and is introducing one this year.

The Colorado version makes it harder to get a waiver to keep a child in bilingual education by making schools submit 250-word statements on why each waiver should be granted. This requirement is “designed to get around efforts to circumvent the California law which have been utilized by advocates of bilingual education,” Unz says.

Under the Colorado version, educators who violate the law would be kept out of public schools – or any public office – for five years. The California version lets educators be sued (which hasn’t happened) but doesn’t remove them from office.

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