A federal judge in San Francisco will hear arguments on July 15 on a challenge by civil rights groups to proposition 227, a voter to Proposition 227, a voter initiative that ends bilingual education in California.

U.S. District Judge Charles Legge will consider a request for a preliminary injunction that would suspend implementation of the measure until a full is held. A motion seeking a preliminary injunction was filed by a coalition of school children and civil rights organizations that sued the state over Proposition 227 on June 3.

The initiative was passed by state voters on June 2 and is to go into effect within 60 days. It would end the option of bilingual education for most of the 1.4 million California school children who speak limited English and would provide a one-year English immersion program instead.

The request for the injunction contends that “Proposition 227 would result in an unprecedented abdication by the state of California of its duty under the U.S. Equal educational Opportunities Act to guarantee equal Educational Opportunities Act to guarantee equal opportunity to language-minority students.”

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