Voices of Santa Ana voters against the recall of Nativo Lopez

“If he’s done anything unethical, he deserves the wrath of the community. I haven’t seen the proof.” – Cesar Castillo, 42.

“Nativo Lopez has his good sides and bad sides. You’ve got to weigh them out. I voted no on the recall. I think he’s doing a good job.” – Ricky Garcia, 34.

“He’s been a champion of Hispanic rights for the community. Now more than ever, this community needs to stand up and support Nativo.” – Miguel Valencia, 4

“Sometimes (bilingual education) is a very good tool. A lot of students don’t have the basic language skills in their own native language. Studies show they do better when they’re taught in their own language.” – Martha Schneider, 30.

“There’s not as many problems as people say.” – Sergio Serrano, 27.

“He’s one person and they’re saying he’s swaying the whole board. If he has that much power and that much knowledge, … then I want him (on the school board).” – Simona Plascencia, 49.

Voices of Santa Ana voters in favor of the recall

“Whether he is guilty of this, that or the other, we don’t know, but the shadow keeps growing. He’s probably a good man, but his time has come.” – Thomas Reyna, 66.

“He’s been there a long time and I’ve supported him. Lately, I haven’t agreed with him.” – Barbara Henry, 80.

“I don’t think race has anything to do with it. Bilingual education sets you back.” – David Calderon, 47.

“He says he does a lot for immigrants, but it’s not true.” – Saul Vargas, 34.

“Whether he’s done any wrongdoing or not, his ideas have failed all the students. We need to do away with bilingual education at this district and voting Lopez out is a good first step.” – Graciela Coronado, 29.

“By encouraging parents to come to schools and demand students be taught in their native languages, Lopez is doing an injustice for education. The more English we know, the better we can function in this country and Lopez doesn’t see that.” – Bob Cardoza.

“I voted for Lopez to be recalled because I don’t agree with his stance on bilingual education. I was thrown into a strict English environment when I began school and that made it easier for me to pick up the language.” – Claudia Begino, 24.

“We harvested the fields, too. I love the Mexican people. But I believe the officials should be for all people.” – Mary Saldivar, 65.

“I don’t think he’s done a good job (because) of some ways that he deceives the people.” – Manuel Hernandez, 65, who said Lopez pressured relatives into signing new members for Hermandad Mexicana, a social service agency Lopez heads.

“I learned that at a girlfriend’s school you could not enroll (your children) in an all-English class. That was the spark.” – JoAnn Ramirez, explaining why she supported the recall campaign.

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