Proposition 203: What it says

* English is required for all public instruction.

* Students who speak little or no English will be placed in sheltered English immersion classes, “not normally intended to exceed one year.”

* Those students are transferred to mainstream classrooms once they acquire “a good working knowledge of English” and can do regular schoolwork in English.

* Standardized tests will be given annually to all students, except for those exempt for special-education reasons.

* Foreign-language classes are unaffected.

* Lawsuits are permitted, to ensure enforcement.

Parents may request a waiver from a requirement to place their child in bilingual education if the child:

* already speaks English OR

* is 10 years old or older OR

* has spent at least 30 days in an English-language classroom and is determined to have special physical or psychological needs above and beyond a lack of English proficiency.

Teachers and districts “may reject waiver requests without explanation or legal consequence.”

To view the proposition in its entirety, see: www.angelfire. com/az/english4thechildren/ initiative.html

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