SCITUATE — A team of state officials will audit Scituate’s bilingual and special education programs later this month.

A spokeswoman for the state Department of Education said Scituate was one of 35 districts in the state selected for the review.

The selections were based on the location and size of the school system.

The team, scheduled to visit Nov. 13-17, will be checking to make sure Scituate schools are in compliance with state regulations on bilingual programs, special education and early childhood programs.

This is the first year the state has reviewed all of those programs at the same time.

During the visit, state education officials will visit campuses, review student records and interview teachers and administrators.

The state officials also will talk to any parent or community member who wishes to discuss Scituate’s programs.

Interviews with the state officials may be scheduled by calling the Scituate superintendent’s office at 545-8759 by Wednesday.

Arrangements will be made for individuals who do not write or speak English.

Following the review, the state will issue a report on Scituate’s compliance with state regulations.

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