The goal of the dual language program at Moylan Elementary School is to develop learners who are truly fluent in two languages. Children whose first language is English are partnered with children whose first language is Spanish. Partners are encouraged to assist each other in language acquisition.

Children begin their day in adjoining classrooms. The morning is spent in instruction in the child’s dominant language, but in the afternoon and during social times students with their partners are exposed to programs and activities in both languages. The teachers use many visual aids and props to encourage dual language use.

While kindergarten teacher Vernice Duke is reading a story about different colored balloons — red, green, yellow — partners may share their language with each other — rojo, verde, amarillo.

The program encourages understanding and appreciation of linguistic and cultural differences while nurturing pride in one’s own heritage. Parents are active partners in the program and have developed cross-cultural friendships, as have their children.

The program began last year with 40 kindergarten students. Those students moved on to first grade as a new group began kindergarten. Next year the program will expand again as the original students move on to second grade. The success of the program is shown by the low mobility of participants and the large numbers of students who achieve perfect attendance each month.

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