Gloria Matta Tuchman, co-chairwomen with Silicon Valley entrepreneur Ron Unz of the “English for the Children” initiative, has filed a declaration of intent to run for the state’s top education job.

Tuchman, a 56-year-old Santa Ana first-grade teacher, would challenge incumbent Delaine Eastin for the nonpartisan post of superintendent of public instruction on the June 2 ballot.

Tuchman said she is still ambivalent about seeking the office, but paid a $2,268 filing fee because she was urged to run by “Republicans and Democrats who are unhappy with education in California.” To formally become a candidate, she must file a petition with 65 signatures by March 6.

The Unz measure, which has qualified for the June ballot, would largely eliminate bilingual education in California’s public schools and instead implement an English-immersion teaching method for California’s 1.5 million limited-English students.

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