Trustees agree to parent conferences on Prop. 227

Santa Ana Unified School District trustees will give each parent the option of individual or small group conferences concerning the implementation of Proposition 227.

Trustees unanimously approved a district policy Tuesday to implement the English immersion initiative.

They agreed to set a board-approved parent-conference format to protect students from any administrative bias.

The conferences would be held after students are tested for their command of English.

Trustee Audrey Noji said the conferences also should serve as a time to stress Above the Mean curriculum goals.

Joseph Tafoya, superintendent of curriculum and instruction, conceded school staffs likely would not have all the necessary materials to fully implement the curriculum by the Sept. 1 deadline for year-round schools.

The district, however, will place students who speak limited English in English immersion classes.

Tafoya said the district will move to start the policy as thoroughly as possible. He said procedures and testing would be easier as the school year continues.


Trustees also reviewed the progress of how the program is being implemented, complete with timelines and curriculum.

September would see mostly dissemination of information to parents, students and teachers. Teachers and staff also will have an emergency meeting next week.

In October, schools will continue with curriculum implementation and teacher training.

As for waivers, students younger than 10 must be in English immersion classes for 30 days before an alternative program can be decided on.

Children older than 10, who are assessed at grade-level reading, can be placed in alternative programs such as dual immersion.

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