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News on the English for the Children of Arizona Campaign

(8) Quality, Not Speed, is Key in Bilingual Programs by Kathy Renolds
Arizona Republic, Wednesday, August 26, 1998.
(7) Bilingual ban a cinch here, says activist
Tucson Citizen, Saturday, August 15, 1998.
(6) California activist helps Arizona foes of bilingual classes
Arizona Daily Star, Saturday, August 15, 1998.
(5) Agendas Mar Bilingual Ed in Our Schools by Kathy Reynolds
Arizona Republic, Wednesday, August 12, 1998.
(4)Bilingual education Getting sorely needed leadership by Linda Valdez
Arizona Republic, Friday, August 7, 1998.
(3)Bilingual Education an Asset that can offer Global Rewards by Jeff Macswan
Arizona Republic, Thursday, August 6, 1998.
(2) Bilingual Mistake, Editorial
Arizona Daily Star Star, Wednesday, August 5, 1998.
(1)Statewide Push To Kill Bilingual Education Gains
Arizona Daily Star, Sunday, August 2, 1998.
July 1998
(9)Bilingual ed foes target Arizona for next fight
Tucson Citizen, Thursday, July 30, 1998.
(8) State school chief: Bilingual ed initiative not needed
Tucson Citizen, Tuesday, July 28, 1998.
(7)Bilingual Education Sounds Nice, but it Doesn't Work c discourse on bilingual education by Ernesto Portillo
Tucson Citizen, Wednesday, July 15, 1998.
(3)Effort Begins to Kill Bilingual Education in Arizona
Arizona Republic , Wednesday, July 15, 1998.
(2) Bilingual Education: Keep the Focus ails to teach either language by Richard Salvatierra
Tucson Citizen, Friday, June 12, 1998.
Arizona Daily Star, Friday, June 5, 1998./032598b.html">Hispanic world seems to be in focus everywhere by Ernesto Portillo
Tucson Citizen, Wednesday, March 25, 1998.
(4) Critiquing TUSD's bilingual ed , Editorial
Arizona Daily Star, Monday, March 23, 1998.
(3) Bilingual education report cites good test scores
Arizona Daily Star, Wednesday, March 11, 1998.
(2) TUSD, lawmakers in tug of war over bilingual education
Arizona Daily Star, Sunday, March 8, 1998.
(1) Bilingual education works by Patty Mentz
Arizona Daily Star, Wednesday, March 4, 1998.