CHEER: As bipartisanship goes up in flames in Washington, Antonio Villaraigosa, California’s Assembly speaker, a Democrat, has gone out of his way to seek Republican input on a major issue facing the state — how to solve the local government fiscal crisis. Good for him.

Of the 26 appointees Villaraigosa named to the commission he created on state and local government finance, many must have raised eyebrows in Democratic and Latino political circles. They include Ron Unz, the sponsor of last year’s anti-bilingual education ballot initiative that Villaraigosa strongly opposed; Ruben Barrales, the former San Mateo County supervisor and Republican candidate for state controller; and Joel Fox, former president of the Republican leaning Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. If California is to fix the broken system of local government finance, Republicans and Democrats must work together. Washington, are you paying attention?

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