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Nativo Lopez of Hermandad Mexicana Nacional denounces "English for the Children" as based on anti-Latino racism

On Wednesday, May 21, 1997, La Opinion, California's largest Spanish-language newspaper, published an extensive interview with Nativo Lopez, President of the Board of Education for Santa Ana in Orange County. Among other matters, Mr. Lopez strongly denounced the "English for the Children" initiative, claiming that proponents Ron K. Unz and Gloria Matta Tuchman were motivated by a hidden agenda of anti-Latino racism. La Opinion subsequently published the following letter to the editor, responding to the charges:

Letter of Ron K. Unz, published May 27, 1997 in La Opinion (original English)

Mr. Lopez's organization Hermandad Mexicana Nacional is currently under federal investigation on charges of election fraud and misappropriation of government funds.