The Windsor Unified School District Board of Trustees would like to assure members of the public that our support of the Cali Calmecac Immersion School is not a denial of the outcome of the vote on Proposition 227.

We are citizens who respect the law, and we care about children. The charter school proposal offers the best solution to meeting both concerns.

Charter schools do not cost additional funds to operate. They do not need the approval of the local school board in order to form. They are schools of choice, legally permitted to offer alternative educational programs when there is strong parent and teacher support to sustain them.

The Cali Calmecac Charter School proposal seeks to maintainthe same high academic and student behavior standards of the Windsor Unified School District. In addition, all children will become proficient in two languages. English and Spanish.

Windsor schools offer a strong traditional educational program as well as the dual-language program at Cali Calmecac. Implementation of Proposition 227 would cost the district time and money and would disrupt every classroom in the district. We would be replacing our educational programs that work with one that is untested.

Given that and because it is the legal right of parents and teachers to apply for a charter school, we think it is in the best interest of the public and the children in Windsor to continue to support Cali Calmecac’s successful program.

Larry Vasconi is the President of the Windsor Unified School District Board of Trustees

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