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Dear Desert Sun Edictor

I don’t totally desagree with this plan, but for older people that are attending school and have their own native language It is going to be very hard for them to be in a English only class. I think that if they are given a year of bilingual classes that might help them to get used to hearing the English language and that will help them from falling behind in the rest of their courses.

In the case of children I don’t have a problem with the PLAN TO END BILINGUAL EDUCATION. I think that children have a very open mind to learn, and being at a young age it is not difficult for then to learn enything new.

For example in my case my daughter is 5 years old and is in a bilingual class. I know that if she was in a English only class, she would learn much faster. There are days when she surprises me, because she is able to make complete sentences in English with out any problem.


Sonia Murillo

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