Washington Post Items
Speaking Two Languages, Both English by William Raspberry
Washington Post, Monday, August 20th, 2001 • 600 Words
Teach English
Washington Post, Thursday, August 9th, 2001 • 400 Words
I Believed That Bilingual Education Was Best...Until The Kids Proved Me Wrong by Ken Noonan
Washington Post, Sunday, September 3rd, 2000 • 1,400 Words
Voting on Bilingual Ed
Washington Post, Thursday, April 30th, 1998 • 400 Words
Immerse Them in English by Richard Cohen
Washington Post, Thursday, April 30th, 1998 • 700 Words
The Bilingualism Debate Remakes California Politics by Gregory Rodriguez
Washington Post, Sunday, February 8th, 1998 • 1,400 Words
Language Trap: No English, No Future by Rosalie Pedalino Porter
Washington Post, Sunday, April 22nd, 1990 • 2,600 Words
Teachers' Union in Los Angeles Votes For Changes in Bilingual Instruction
Washington Post, Thursday, August 13th, 1987 • 1,100 Words
California Veto a Blow To Bilingual Education
Washington Post, Sunday, August 2nd, 1987 • 1,000 Words
California Signals Retreat On Bilingual Education
Washington Post, Thursday, January 15th, 1987 • 1,000 Words
Initiative Seeks to Make English the Civil Tongue
Washington Post, Saturday, October 11th, 1986 • 1,300 Words
Plan to Change Bilingual Aid Rekindles Debate
Washington Post, Saturday, January 25th, 1986 • 600 Words
U.S. Stirs Up Debate On Bilingual Education
Washington Post, Friday, September 27th, 1985 • 600 Words
'English And Only English' is the best way
Washington Post, Tuesday, July 9th, 1985 • 700 Words
For Teachers, 10 Years Of Trial and Error
Washington Post, Monday, July 8th, 1985, FRONT PAGE • 3,500 Words
Bilingual Education's Dilemmas Persist
Washington Post, Sunday, July 7th, 1985, FRONT PAGE • 3,100 Words
The Suit That Started It All
Washington Post, Sunday, July 7th, 1985 • 700 Words
Parents' Disenchantment With Bilingual Education Found Rising
Washington Post, Monday, April 9th, 1984 • 1,300 Words
Bilingual Instruction Endorsed
Washington Post, Sunday, August 14th, 1983 • 700 Words
The Great Non-Debate of 1983 by Michael Barone
Washington Post, Friday, July 15th, 1983 • 1,100 Words
Which Language in the Classroom?
Washington Post, Thursday, April 29th, 1982 • 500 Words
Bell Easing Up on Native-Language Teaching Rules
Washington Post, Saturday, April 24th, 1982 • 600 Words
Bilingual Instruction Rule Under the Ax
Washington Post, Friday, February 12th, 1982 • 600 Words
Studies Disavow U.S. Focus on Bilingual Education
Washington Post, Tuesday, September 29th, 1981 • 900 Words
Reagan Denounces Carter's Proposed Rules on Bilingual Education
Washington Post, Wednesday, March 4th, 1981 • 600 Words
Bilingual Education Lives
Washington Post, Saturday, February 7th, 1981 • 900 Words
Goodbye to the Bilingual Regs
Washington Post, Wednesday, February 4th, 1981 • 500 Words
U.S. Tells Fairfax Bilingual Classes Are Not Required
Washington Post, Wednesday, December 31st, 1980, FRONT PAGE • 700 Words
Bilingual Teaching Questioned
Washington Post, Sunday, November 23rd, 1980 • 2,400 Words
The Feds and Bilingualism
Washington Post, Thursday, August 7th, 1980 • 500 Words
Basics in the Native Tongue
Washington Post, Wednesday, August 6th, 1980 • 900 Words
English Spoken Here
Washington Post, Tuesday, May 27th, 1980 • 800 Words
The Bilingual Battle by Noel Epstein
Washington Post, Sunday, June 5th, 1977 • 4,200 Words
Study Questions Bilingual Education
Washington Post, Tuesday, April 19th, 1977 • 500 Words