The Central Valley Media
Sharonism vs. Building a Wall by Ron Unz
Sacramento Bee, Sunday, April 28th, 2002 • 1,600 Words
Will Riordan Run on "English"? by Ron Unz
Sacramento Bee, Sunday, December 23rd, 2001 • 900 Words
Maderans press for adult English program
Fresno Bee, Wednesday, June 20th, 2001 • 300 Words
Confirm Ichinaga
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Educational Nonsense and Vouchers by Ron Unz
Sacramento Bee, Sunday, January 3rd, 1999 • 1,700 Words
School districts far apart on Prop. 227
Sacramento Bee, Sunday, December 6th, 1998, FRONT PAGE • 1,000 Words
Bilingual education measure posts easy victory
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Persistant questioning gets the right sound bite
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Wilson - The lame duck adds to his legacy by Peter Schrag
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The Evolution of Prop. 227
Fresno Bee, Sunday, May 24th, 1998, FRONT PAGE • 3,300 Words
Spanish-TV mogul funds Prop. 227 foes
Sacramento Bee, Friday, May 22nd, 1998 • 500 Words
Bid to bar bilingual teaching keeps big lead
Sacramento Bee, Friday, March 20th, 1998 • 500 Words
Lungren ducks two hard ones by Dan Walters
Sacramento Bee, Thursday, March 19th, 1998 • 600 Words
Latinos divided on bilingual education
Sacramento Bee, Sunday, March 15th, 1998, FRONT PAGE • 800 Words
Unz's bilingual measure assailed from right
Sacramento Bee, Sunday, February 1st, 1998 • 700 Words
Unz keeps focus on bilingual issue
Sacramento Bee, Monday, January 19th, 1998 • 1,400 Words
Bilingual poll changes tenor by Dan Walters
Sacramento Bee, Thursday, October 16th, 1997 • 500 Words
Star Latino teacher joins bilingual foes
Sacremento Bee, Thursday, October 16th, 1997, FRONT PAGE • 700 Words
Bilingual initiative: Measure deserves full and fair portrayal in the media
Sacramento Bee, Friday, October 3rd, 1997 • 500 Words
English Skills Limited
Modesto Bee, Tuesday, February 27th, 1996 • 700 Words
Language Barrier Bilingual Education in Fresno Schools
Fresno Bee, Monday, March 20th, 1995, FRONT PAGE • 1,700 Words
Teaching English a frustrating lesson for district
Fresno Bee, Sunday, March 19th, 1995 • 2,100 Words
Bilingual students discover inequality
Fresno Bee, Sunday, February 20th, 1994 • 900 Words
Parents Want Answers
Modesto Bee, Monday, September 20th, 1993, FRONT PAGE • 1,200 Words