The Mid Atlantic Media
Bilingual Bias?
Bergen Record, Wednesday, April 18th, 2001 • 1,200 Words
Bilingual Boondoggle
Bergen Record, Sunday, September 3rd, 2000 • 600 Words
California School Results are Victory for the 'Melting Pot' by Charles D. Snelling
Allentown Morning Call, Saturday, September 2nd, 2000 • 700 Words
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Richmond Times Dispatch, Sunday, May 21st, 2000 • 300 Words
Spanish Course Survives Challenge
Bergen Record, Thursday, April 1st, 1999 • 700 Words
Battling Proposition 227 by Miguel Perez
Bergen Record, Friday, June 12th, 1998 • 900 Words
Learning new Language Difficult by Barbara Diamant
Allentown Morning Call, Thursday, June 11th, 1998 • 1,000 Words
Bilingual Education's Goal
Bergen Record, Wednesday, June 10th, 1998 • 600 Words
B.J. Fosters Biligual Schooling
Bergen Record, Thursday, June 4th, 1998, FRONT PAGE • 900 Words
In California, English-only proposition not a wedge issue after all by Jack W. Germond and Jules Witcover
Baltimore Sun, Friday, May 29th, 1998 • 700 Words
Foreign Students Dive Into English
Bergen Record, Friday, August 23rd, 1996 • 700 Words
U.S. Raids Puerto Rico for Teachers
Allentown Morning Call, Sunday, February 26th, 1995, FRONT PAGE • 3,600 Words
For Many, Spanish is a Springboard
Bergen Record, Tuesday, December 6th, 1994 • 1,400 Words
Removing the Language Barrier
Bergen Record, Sunday, December 4th, 1994, FRONT PAGE • 2,600 Words
Flaws in Bilingual Education Law Need Attention by James Ahearn
Bergen Record, Thursday, September 15th, 1994 • 900 Words
Protesters Crowd Hearing on Revising Bilingual Education
Bergen Record, Thursday, June 16th, 1994 • 900 Words
Bilingual Ed Under Fire
Bergen Record, Friday, July 18th, 1986 • 700 Words