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Ron Unz, Chairman

A theoretical physicist by training, Mr. Unz is the Chairman of Wall Street Analytics, Inc., a Palo Alto-based financial services software company that he founded in New York City in 1987. Mr. Unz holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Harvard University, Cambridge University, and Stanford University, and is a past first-place winner of the American Intel/Westinghouse Science Talent Search. He was born in Los Angeles in 1961.

He has long been deeply interested in public policy issues, and serves on the advisory board of the Reason Foundation. His writings on issues of immigration, ethnicity, and social policy have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Commentary, The Nation, and various other publications.

In 1994, he launched a surprise Republican primary challenge to incumbent Gov. Pete Wilson of California, running on a conservative, pro-immigrant platform against the prevailing political sentiment, and received 34% of the vote. Later that year, he campaigned as a leading opponent of Prop. 187, the anti-immigration initiative, and was a top featured speaker at a 70,000 person pro-immigrant march in Los Angeles, the largest political rally in California history.

In 1997, Mr. Unz began the "English for the Children" initiative campaign in California after learning of boycotts by Hispanic parents against Spanish-language programs in the Los Angeles area. He drafted Proposition 227 and led the campaign to qualify and pass the measure, culminating in a landslide 61% victory at the polls on June 2, 1998, effectively dismantling over a third of America�s bilingual programs. In less than two years of the new English immersion curriculum, the mean percentile test scores of over a million immigrant students in California have now risen by an average of 40%.

Following the passage of the California measure, he assisted Hispanic activists in Arizona in preparing and passing their own anti-bilingual education initiative, Proposition 203, which won by an even wider 63% landslide in November 2000. He has now established a national advocacy organization, English for the Children, to replace bilingual education with English immersion throughout the country.

For additional information, contact:
English for the Children
555 Bryant St., #371
Palo Alto, CA 94301

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Writings, by Subject Area

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    National Review (Letters), January 28, 2002.
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    Commentary (Letters, Abridged), January 2002.

Writings, 2001

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    National Review Online, Friday, May 4, 2001.
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    New York Times, Friday, March 2, 2001.
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    National Review (Online), Tuesday, February 27, 2001.
  12. Above the Law in Arizona? by Ron Unz
    National Review (Onlince), Janaury 12, 2001.
  13. Vouchers by Ron Unz
    Letters, City Journal

Writings, 2000 -- 14 Items
How the Republicans Lost California by Ron Unz
Wall Street Journal, Monday, August 28, 2000.
The right way for Republicans to handle ethnicity in politics by Ron Unz
American Enterprise, April/May, 2000.
Democrats' Double Standard on Campaign Reform by Ron Unz
New York Times, Friday, March 10, 2000.

Writings, Late 1998 to 1999 -- 13 Items
California and the End of White America by Ron Unz
Commentary, November 1999, COVER STORY.
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Los Angeles Times, Wednesday, August 26, 1999.
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Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, June 16, 1999.
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Sacramento Bee, Sunday, January 3, 1999.
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Wall Street Journal, Monday, November 16, 1998.
Writings, 1997 to Early 1998 -- 4 Items
Bilingualism vs. Bilingual Education, by Ron Unz
Los Angeles Times, Sunday, October 19, 1997.
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Letters, La Opinion , Wednesday, May 21, 1997.
Writings, 1994 to 1996 -- 9 Items
Against Prop. 187, by Ron Unz
Los Angeles Times, October 3, 1994.
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Policy Review, Fall 1994
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Wall Street Journal, May 24, 1994.
Writings, 1993 and Earlier -- 4 Items
America's Decline, by Ron Unz
Letters, Commentary , August 1992.