Bilingual classes

Juan and Maria Romero
Arizona Republic (Letters)
Sunday, July 30, 2000

I am a parent of four children in bilingual class - and we're convinced it's not working. This is why. My son, Frank, is 10 years old and went from fourth grade to fifth grade this past school year. My son doesn't even know how to write or read. Frank talks only English. Why have him in bilingual class when they should be teaching him English?

Frank can't even spell his name. My daughter, Leticia, is eight years old. When she started this past year in school, they had her in an English class only. She was doing very well, but then they told us that Leticia was very smart and that she could benefit from bilingual class.

Well, she didn't. Leticia didn't want to go to bilingual classes. She wanted to go back to her English class. And ever since she has had problems with school. It was a big setback for her. Now she can only read very little. She is having a hard time identifying the words in English and Spanish. I hope we can get the bilingual out of our schools. I know that if we do, our children are going to be better citizens in the future.

Juan and Maria Romero, Tucson